Scandinavian Euro Dream

Scandinavian Handball Dream Concept!

To give the best conditions to the players we see that it would be possible to get even bigger and better support to each nation if we made a concept together with our Scandinavian handball friends in Denmark. More concrete we suggest that EHF EURO for women will be organized together with Denmark with final weekend in Oslo, Norway.

The two countries has long tradition and will use a “Scandinavian EURO” to inspire the next generation of handball players. We will invite our partners to make a solid economic fundament and to make a unique event in both countries and each host city.

The championship can be organized following venue structure.

Women’s EHF EURO 2020 in Denmark and Norway
• 2 or more preliminary rounds in each country.
• 1 main round in each country.
• Final rounds in Oslo, Norway.

Confirmation letters 
Our presidents strongly support a Scandinavian cooperation and this is confirmed in their confirmation letters that is enclosed to this application.

Denmark will use one oft he following host cities: København, Næstved, Arhus and Herning. Norway will use one oft he following host cities: Stavanger, Trondheim, Gjøvik or Oslo.


Norwegian Handball

The Norwegian analysis bureau “Sponsor Insight” made a report of the Norwegian market in June 2013 with the following conclusions:

The most popular TV sport in a ranking of all sports:
Norwegian Handball is one of the most popular sports on Norwegian TV and the Norwegian handball federation has a unique media partner in the Norwegian TV2 that supports both club and national team tournaments.

The most popular teams and federations in Norway:
• The Norwegian Handball Team for women is the most popular team in Norway.
• The Norwegian Handball Federation is ranked on 9th place.
• The Norwegian Handball Team for men is ranked 10th place.
The Norwegian Handball Federation would like to use the championship to promote our sport and to make the sport and our teams more popular in our population.

Focus on team and player facilities
The Norwegian Handball Federation has been organizing Championships of high quality in 2008, 2009 and 2010. This has given us a growth in the amount of players from 105.000 to 115.000 in 2013. It has also given us useful experience about how to keep focus on the most important issue during a Championship;

“Best possible conditions for the players and the teams”.

Watch the video about Optimal athlete conditions.

Individual team-leader meetings to Norway
To secure all needs for every team we will arrange individual visits for the team-leader from every participating country with every host city to go trough all actual topics about their stay in Norway.

To make sure that the transport of the teams will go as fast as possible, every team will be transported with direct or charter plains and buses for each team between the host cities and the halls and hotels.

Training facilities
During their stay in Norway every player and EHF official will get an offer of Fitness training inside the hotel or in a walking distance of maximum 5 minutes from the hotel lobby. The handball-training will be organized in a maximum distance of 15 minutes by bus.

Hotel standard and food
We will make sure that the teams will be located in international hotels on a high standard level. We will secure that every team hotel is equipped with large beds, international meet and a possibility of individual team offers if needed. Our hotels will have enough rooms for meetings, massage and social activities.
The technological infrastructure in the hotels and the halls will be prepared on a high level to make sure that every guest, delegate and referee from all nations have the possibility to communicate both by internet and mobile phones.

Host cities with great enthusiasm for Handball and short travel distance
After the preliminary round we will place all the matches in 2 cities with a great tradition of handball and enthusiastic supporters. This will make this a compact championship and the best possible support for every team.

Host cities
The Norwegian Handball Federation would like to organize the EHF EURO in four different cities.