Facts about Norway
Norway has a population of about 5.1 million and covers an area of 385,155 square kilometres. The official Head of State is King Harald V.

The Country and the People
The Capital Oslo is roughly halfway between the North Cape and Rome. Geographically the northerners are closer to their neighbours in Sweden, Finland and Russia, than they are to their countrymen in the south of Norway.

Handball is the most popular team sport on TV.
In 2012 we were the most popular team sport in Norway and we continue to keep up our high amount of TV spectators on both the Women`s and the Men’s national team matches. During the EURO and the Olympic Games in 2012 we confirmed our position as the number one team sport among TV spectators. The average amount of all matches was 1.016.000 and a market share of 57,8%.

Why Norway? – Norwegian Handball Federation and the history
In 2012 the Norwegian Handball Federation celebrated its 75th anniversary – and we are proud to say that this has been a magnificent journey. We have developed a great organization with more than 115.000 members, 6.500 teams and 725 handball clubs all over the country. NHF has a solid economic fundament of enthusiastic employees and volunteers to maintain our work to promote and develop our sport in the future.

The Norwegian National teams have given us several golden moments during the years. In the 2013/14 season we will have both our Women’s and Men`s National Team in the upcoming championships in Serbia 2013 and EURO 2014 in Denmark.

Norway is ranked among the top five of the rich countries but we still need to get support from our government to build new venues and infrastructure to build our sport.

We would like to use the EURO 2020 to enforce this process and to develop and show the need of new permanent arenas to the best of the sport of handball and to prepare for the growing amount of players. To achieve these goals we have established great support with all the regional communities and the local Mayors.

It is therefore a great pleasure on behalf of the Norwegian Handball Federation, to submit our application for hosting the Women`s EHF EURO 2020.

Great support from the Royal house, Government, Sponsors and supporters.
The Norwegian Handball Federation will have great support from:
The Ministry of Culture, The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympics Committee and Confederation of Sports.


The official Head of State King Harald V visited EURO 2010

We have great potential for new players and for bringing new supporters and sponsors to our sport. We also have great support from our sponsors and partners who will enrich the championship with hospitality, transport, spectators and sponsorships.

Great experience in organizing international Championships.
The Norwegian Handball Federation has great central and regional experience organizing successful Championships for both Handball and Beach Handball.

During the EURO 2008 for men, the Beach Handball EURO 2009 and the EURO 2010 for women in Denmark and Norway we feel that we have great experience and knowledge in organizing handball-events of high quality to the best for the sport, countries and players.

Therefore it`s important for us to have new championships in the future to recruit new volunteers and to recruit and inspire new players.

Medical and antidoping services
All host cities has high equipped hospital facilities in short distances from the halls. Antidoping Norway has an agreement with EHF and is responsible for the testing during the Championship and has their own laboratory in Oslo.