The Norwegian application to host the European Championship in 2020

It is a great pleasure on behalf of the Norwegian Handball Federation to submit our application to host the EHF EURO 2020 for women.
This application is strongly supported by the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Culture, the Mayor in our capital Oslo and the Norwegian olympic and paralympic committee and confederation of sports. We also have strong support and good development processes with all our host cities. This strong support has given us the possibility to deliver good and inspiring championships in cooperation with EHF in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Even though Norway is in a good financial situation we do not have the culture from our government to give any further economic confirmation on this stage of a process. From the Norwegian Handball Federation we hope that your experience with us as an experienced organizer will be a good statement to confirm that we will make a championship to remember also in 2020. We also refer to the fact that each host city and venue were accepted to our EURO2016 application.

Scandinavian Handball Dream Concept!
To give the best conditions to the players we see that it would be possible to get even bigger and better support to each nation if we made a concept together with our Scandinavian handball friends in Denmark. More concrete we suggest that EHF EURO for women will be organized together with Denmark with final weekend in Oslo, Norway.

Both countries has long tradition and will use a “Scandinavian EURO” to inspire the next generation of handball players. We will invite our partners to make a solid economic fundament and to make a unique event in each country and each host city.

The championship can be organized following venue structure.

Women’s EHF EURO 2020 in Denmark and Norway
• 2 or more preliminary rounds in each country.
• 1 main round in each country.
• Final rounds in Oslo, Norway.

Confirmation letters
Our presidents strongly support a Scandinavian cooperation and this is confirmed in their confirmation letters that is enclosed to this application.

Greetings’ from our president and our new board
The Norwegian Handball Federation has a new board from May 2013 including great people with a wide experience. On behalf of our board and all the handball supporters in Norway it is a great pleasure to submit our application to host the EHF EURO in 2020.


Organising Committee

In the last Championships in Norway we have successfully involved the Political Leaders from the local organisation together with our Secretary General and leaded by the President or the Vice-President of the Board. In this Championship it will be organised as follow:


2013 Men’s WoRld Championship

EHF EURO Organisation

2013 Men’s WoRld Championship


The local organizers will establish their own project event committees who will have the responsibility for ideas and accomplishment in co-operation with the local tourist- and culture offices. We will of course build on the experiences from the EURO 2008 for men and EURO 2010 for woman.

Local volunteers and enthusiasm
In every handball tournament and event on behalf of the Norwegian Handball Federation, we are working together with fantastic local volunteers. These peoples are helping the organization and the professionals with guiding all the teams, transport, and other services both inside and outside the venues. They are doing this, simply by their love to the game and their enthusiasm for the local community. We highly appreciate this effort and try our best to take care of and to give our people the respect and thankfulness that they deserve.